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Developing an Educational Framework

Developing An Educational Framework


After looking back at the most recent essays that I have posted to this site, I realized something.

From a personal standpoint, I have benefited from reflecting on my experiences and sharing my stories. I might have even pulled out some general truths about life that could be of use to others.

Though I want this site to be a place for me to share what I am learning from my life experiences, it needs to be more than that. My intention is to create not just a personal blog, but a set of resources for people who want to transform their life through an education which they themselves are in control of.

I have a vision of what those resources will look like, but I have yet to put in the time to make them visible. With the many other demands of life vying for my attention, the most I have been able to do here is try to keep up with essay writing twice a week.

What I have realized, though, is that without the additional resources that I am envisioning, those essays aren’t serving the purpose that I would like them to. I’m benefiting from them, but you might not be. Not as much as I would like.

In various places on this site I allude to an educational framework to help people build skills in a particular area, find a community of people who could use those skills, and transform their life in a positive way. I have yet to make that framework explicit and explain it in enough detail for readers to benefit.

So I’ve decided to pull back from essay writing in order to develop that framework that I think could really help people interested in this idea of independent learning and the development of a creative career and fulfilling life.

Once that framework is in place, I will return to essay writing, with the new ability to tie my essays into that bigger picture.

I wish I had the dedication to do both simultaneously – develop that resource while continuing to write weekly – but unfortunately I feel stretched a little too thin to do that. And since I view a detailed description of the educational framework as more beneficial than any individual essay, I have decided to put my weight behind that framework for the time being.

So I’ll be putting these personal essays on hold while I work on the bigger-picture resources. Once those are ready to launch, I will return to regular, personal essay writing.

My hope is that at that point, this site will be closer to where I want it to be, and a more useful resource for others. Until then.



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