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Embracing a New Identity

This last spring I was at a graduation party for a couple of friends. There were lots of people there that I hadn’t met before, so inevitably the mingling led to the question that I’m sure you’ve answered many times: “So, what do you do?” For the past couple of years I’ve had a simpleContinue Reading

Tips for Accelerated Learning

A few weeks ago I sketchnoted another great interview from Good Life Project, this one with author Josh Kaufman on the topic of accelerated learning. Specifically it was about how to get good at ANYTHING in just 20 hours of practice. I want to share a few of the highlights from that interview. Kaufman’s mainContinue Reading

An Experimental Approach to Creative Acts

I gave myself a challenge the other day. The challenge was to to draw as many animals as I could while visiting the San Francisco Zoo. What did I learn from that experience? I learned that drawing animals is hard (especially when they don’t sit still). I learned that lemurs are very vocal animals. IContinue Reading

Creating the Conditions for Inspiration – A Walk in Forest Park

I took a four-hour walk in Portland’s Forest Park this last weekend, and as is often the case when I do that, I came out of the park with a slew of new ideas and inspiration. Forest Park is a long stretch of (you guessed it) forested land in NW Portland with trails that extendContinue Reading

How to Overcome Resistance and Get to Your Passion Projects

Toward the end of her talk at Portland’s Creative Morning series, Mira Kaddoura shared these words: “It’s amazing what happens when you follow something you’re passionate about.” Those words came after her story of a series of career interests that eventually landed her in advertising, where she stayed for ten years before breaking out onContinue Reading

Utilizing Unexpected Inspiration Without Derailing Your Core Work

I spent yesterday with the Beat Generation. I spent it with Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady, William Burroughs, and Gregory Corso – the authors and artists whose work preceded the social revolutions of the 1960s. My encounter with these authors occurred by chance. I’ve been in San Francisco for the past week, and IContinue Reading

Learning Through the Lens of a New Place

Two nights ago I had a big first in my career as a writer and a blogger. I published two new posts from a hotel room. I imagine that won’t be the last time that happens. I enjoy traveling and I’m enjoying this project, so I will keep doing both and I will do myContinue Reading

How a Well-Defined Project Can Help You Build Your Skills and Your Community

Last week I wrote about my plan to take the momentum I gained from an inspiring conference and apply it to a new project. What started out as one new project has since turned into two new projects, each of which will provide unique challenges as well as the opportunity to learn new skills. *****Continue Reading

Turning Motivation Into Action

The 2013 World Domination Summit has ended. Out-of-town attendees have returned home and Portland locals have transitioned back into their normal routine. The question on a lot of people’s mind (if Twitter is any indication) is this: How do I take the motivation from the weekend and carry it into my day-to-day life? Right nowContinue Reading

Finding Community at the World Domination Summit

At the end of last week I was a bit depressed. I was feeling self-conscious about the quality and value of this site, and a little skeptical about my overall prospects as an entrepreneur. But then the World Domination Summit happened, and everything changed. WDS is a conference like no other. Something special happens whenContinue Reading